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We’re your clinic for adult and pediatric San Antonio emergency services.

Full Service Lab 

Unlike urgent care facilities, our San Antonio ER full-service lab allows almost all of our testing to be done on site in less than 20 minutes, getting you the results you need to get back on your feet!

Imaging Services

Our on-site imaging capabilities include a 16 slice CT Scanner, digital x-ray and ultrasound. Our experienced radiology technicians will ensure scans are taken properly for a correct diagnosis.

Board Certified ER Doctors

Every physician you will see at Express ER is Board Certified in Emergency Medicine and has many years of experience. Our facilities are owned solely by the physicians, instead of being run by a large corporation.

San Antonio ER Doctors

All our doctors are Board Certified ER Doctors. Let us treat you and your family!

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Differences between Express ER and Walk-in Clinics or Urgent Care in San Antonio

Accidents and injuries can and will happen, and when they do, the timing is never right. Whether an illness has finally gotten to the point of being unbearable or the unexpected happens while the kids are playing in the front yard, the family doctor you have seen for years normally has the same work hours as you do. Deciding where to go after business hours in the case of a medical emergency or sickness can often be a tougher decision than you might think.

There can be a big difference between the terms urgent care and “emergency” when it comes to a medical condition or illness. Yes, both can be severe and require immediate attention, but there can be a significant difference when it comes to the treatment and care that is needed. There are several differences for both San Antonio urgent care facilities and emergency rooms, but here are a few you may want to keep in mind when determining where to go the next time there is a need and your family doctor has already gone home for the day or is unavailable.

San Antonio Urgent Care Clinics

An urgent care in San Antonio can be an option for an injury or an illness that is not life-threatening. These clinics will have both nurses and doctors on site and normally will do everything possible to get a patient in and out of the facility as quickly as possible in a safe manner. If you are experiencing an illness or injury that you would normally be comfortable addressing with your primary care doctor, then an urgent care facility will be a great alternative after-hours or on the weekend.

Any medical situation that needs to be attended to, but in no way is threatening your life can usually be handled by either an emergency room or an urgent care clinic. They can both provide general medical examinations, can handle situations which may require minor stitches or a cast, and can even take x-rays to determine the extent of an injury.

Illnesses and symptoms such as a cold or flu, high fevers, coughs or a sore throat, broken bones, vomiting, diarrhea and stomach pain are all conditions that can be evaluated and treated at either urgent care facility or Express ER.

While an urgent care clinic has its purposes, there are instances when they simply are not enough. Urgent Care Clinics have a reputation for being cheaper and faster than an emergency room, but they cannot treat true emergencies. In this case “urgent” is not synonymous with “emergency”.

Life-threatening Emergency Care 24 Hours a Day

If you are experiencing any medical condition, illness, or injury that can put your long term health or life in jeopardy, the emergency room will always be the most reliable choice to receive treatment.

Emergency rooms like Express ER will typically be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We are equipped and staffed with all of the technology and personnel that would be needed to provide treatment for almost any situation you can think of. They have the ability to perform surgical procedures, treat patients who are experiencing a trauma situation, can provide everything from x-rays to CAT scans, and can treat almost any other type of life-threatening situation.

While a visit to the emergency room can typically come at a higher cost than an urgent care facility, Express ER understands you are not feeling well and is more than willing to work with you so payment is not a hassle. All insurance claims are filed with your plan provider, without any inconvenience on your end. Express ER also understands that some patients are not currently covered under an insurance plan. Our self-pay rates are often much more affordable than at a traditional emergency room setting.

Anytime you are suffering from any head injury, deep wounds, continuous bleeding, unconsciousness, chest pain, allergic reaction to food, animals, or bug bite, severe shortness of breath, or constant vomiting; the emergency room is where you will receive the most reliable and trustworthy care and attention.

San Antonio ER

An emergency room will typically operate according to the severity of each patient when it comes to the order of receiving treatment, which means you may spend some time waiting if there is someone who is in a more serious condition than you are (our typical wait time in under 10 minutes). However, you will not be turned away, and the staff that works at an emergency room has received more thorough and detailed training than the staff at an urgent care facility.


Personal Care with Express ER

It is also highly unlikely that you will ever be treated by the same doctor or nurse at an urgent care clinic, which leads to a lack of personal knowledge of a patient. Express ER  will usually be able to access your medical records easier, resulting in a more thorough treatment. This is particularly useful in situations when information is required in regards to the history of a patient’s medication history. Details can often be difficult to remember in the case of extreme pain or severe illness.

In any event of an emergency or need for medical attention, always go with your instinct when it comes to your well-being. If you believe you need to be at the emergency room, then that is exactly where you should go. Regardless if your situation leads you to the ER or an urgent care facility, you should always be as prepared as possible. Be ready to discuss any previous illness or condition you have experienced. Have details available concerning any previous surgeries, conditions, or accidents despite how minor you think they may be. Be familiar with any medications you are currently taking as well as the medicines you may be allergic to. As soon as you are physically able, be sure to follow up with your family or personal doctor. It is also important to keep up with any further appointments and to follow all of the advice you receive while at the emergency room.


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